Calcite Clipsol – Moses Stone

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Calcite Clipsol – Moses Stone
    • Alternative Name: Calcite Clipsol, Moses Stone
    • Crystal System: Trigonal
    • Formation: Primary or secondary
    • Mineral Class: Carbonate
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Hardness Mohs: 2.5-3
    • Colour: Pinky/Orange with black/grey areas
    • Forms: natural, tumbled, cut/carved and  in Jewelry
    • Birthstone: Nil
    • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Cancer and Leo
    • Numerological Number: 1 and 5
    • Element: Fire
    • Affirmation:

Calcite Clipsol Mythology History Information: Moses Stone is what it is believed that the 10 commandments were written only by God and given to Moses. Calcite has been ground up and used for thousands of years as lime in folk medicines.  Calcite has also been used to make a poultice for skin diseases including ulcers and warts.  

Moses Stone Metaphysical Healing Properties Information: Calcite Clipsol is very beneficial if you are going through any emotional trauma, including abuse, relationship breakups, or death of a loved one.  It allows you to release any deep-seated emotional stress that you are holding so that you can learn the lessons needed in order to move on to a new area of your life.  It is a very creative stone that helps to stimulate your Sacral Chakra in order to give birth to new ideas and areas of your life. Affirmation: I am at peace and ready to move onto the next stage of my life.

Question: How do you release grief?

Chakra – Primary Heart Chakra, Secondary Sacral Chakra

Moses Stone Physical Healing – Heart, circulation, kidneys, adrenals, Increases fertility, soothes burns.  Helpful in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Moses Stone Applications suggested uses: 

    • Just keeping the stone close to you for it’s love and comfort during a period of a loss and is particularly useful in times of grief.  Combines well with Chrysocolla, Apache TearsLepidoliteBlack Onyx and Smoky Quartz at this time.
    • Carrying it around in your pocket or as a hand comforter particularly when going through a tough time.
    • Used as a healing stone by placing it on your Heart Chakra or relevant area
    • Used by healer to increase focus and direction of energies particularly during distance healing sessions.


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