Blue Chalcedony

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Blue Chalcedony

    • Crystal System: Trigonal
    • Location: India, Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia and Morocco
    • Mineral Class: Oxide, quartz group
    • Colour: Blue
    • Rarity: Common
    • Forms:  Rough, tumbled, cut and in jewelry
    • Birthstone: Nil

History/Mythology: Chalcedony has a long history for its uses and properties.  It has been widely used as a stone for orators (public speakers) for its assistance with speaking.  It has long been connected to the elements of air and water and used in magic in association with them.

Blue Chalcedony like all colours of Chalcedonies they will help to absorb negative energy to bring about a peaceful calm that brings relief from depression and allows joy to reenter your  life.  Like in antiquity it is still recognized to be a stone that is fantastic to use for public speakers as it works through both the Third Eye and Throat Chakras and helps you to be a more engaging speaker. Blue Chalcedony is connected to the Angelic Realm and will allow you open your channels of communication in this area.

Chakra – Throat and Third Eye Chakra

Healing – Helps boost immune system, a great detoxifier, helps with issues of the throat.


  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when working on all communication areas.
  • Wonderful as a healing tool to when working on the throat.
  • Great to use in times of depression and facing issues.
  • Worm when speaking in public or to become a more confident engaging speaker.

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