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  • Alternative Name: Number 83 on the Periodic Table
  • Crystal System: Trigonal Crystal System 
  • Location: Australia, China and Bolivia
  • Mineral Class: Metalloids
  • Hardness Mohs: 2 to 2.5
  • Colour: Silver, silver/blue, White and indecent with a pink ting
  • Rarity: Natural form Rare – Man-made formation common
  • Forms:  Natural formation and sometimes in jewelry
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Numerological Number: 2
  • Element: Earth
  • Affirmation: I am an individual that is an important part of the greater whole.

Bismuth History Mythology Information: Bismuth is one of our basic elements and is number 83 on the periodic table.  Up until 1763 it was thought to be a form of lead however the French chemist Claude Geoffroy the Younger established due to stability and slow rate of decay that it was a separate element.  Bismuth has a number of commercial uses and is most famous for its use as an ingredient in stomach medication like Pepto-Bismol.  It is also a poor heat conductor and is often added to low-melting alloys and used in sprinkler systems.

Bismuth is a brittle metal with a crystalline structure and is commonly and easily grown or reformed in a Lab.  The Lab-grown specimens have the same makeup as the natural ones and they are often in the wonderful crystalline structures when formed. 

Bismuth Metaphysical Healing Properties Information:  Bismuth is a wonderful stone to use if you are feeling detached or isolated and would like to reconnect with those around you on an emotional or spiritual level.  Bismuth is a stone of transformation and helps to bring order and calm into the chaos that can accompany change and allow you to progress to where you need to be.  Bismuth is a wonderful stone to use when you want to enter a Shamanic Journey to increase your focus and visualization during meditation.

Bismuth is a great stone to use in a group dynamic as it allows everyone to be open and more willing to see the individuals that make up the whole and encourages a more cohesive environment.  Bismuth is an excellent stone to allow you to fit into the environment around you and in doing so a helps to dissolve feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Affirmation: I am an individual that is an important part of the greater whole.

Question: How strongly do you visualize during meditation?

Chakra – Root or Base Chakra but is well suited to use on all Chakras

Bismuth Physical Healing – Helps reduce fever, assists with recovery time after surgery, eases the symptoms of stomach pain

Bismuth Applications suggested uses:

  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when going on a Shamanic Journey.
  • Place to a Mojo Bag or Shaman Bag to assist with a Vision Quest or Shamanic Quest.  Combines well with these stones for this purpose. Axinite, Moqui Marbles, Nuummite,  Mystic MerliniteAstrophyllite and Spirit Quartz.
  • Wonderful as a healing to use and assist with changes happening in your life.  Combines well with Labradorite, and Chrysocolla.
  • Great to use if you are feeling isolated and need to reconnect with those around you

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