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    • Alternative Names: Copal (this is young Amber)
    • Crystal System: amorphous
    • Formation: Secondary
    • Hardness Mohs: 2 to 2.5
    • Location Found: Dominican Republic, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines 
    • Mineral Class: Organic stone Mineraloids
    • Colour: white, golden, yellow, brown, red and blue
    • Forms: Natural, tumbled, cut/carved and in Jewelry
    • Birthstone: Nil
    • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aquarius and Leo
    • Numerological Number: 3
    • Element: Metal
    • Affirmation: With the sun in my belly I radiate warmth and vibrant energy to all around me.

Amber Mythology History Information – Amber is the first know precious stone in human history dating back as far as 7000 years.  Amber is an organic stone as it is a tree resin that has lost water and ‘aged’ or become harder over time to slowly.  The best Amber in the world comes from the Baltic Region in Eastern Europe.

Amber Metaphysical Healing Properties Information:  Amber is like holding sunshine in your hand it brings warmth, comfort, gentle healing through its cleansing power to those that wear it.  Amber is highly protective and helps to bring out any negative energies that you are holding and release them giving you an increase in clarity of thought and greater self-confidence.  Amber is a wonderful manifestation stone that allows what you truly want to come forth to you.  Amber is a great stone to assist with fertility and the birthing process.  Amber has been considered a good luck talisman through history and helps to bring the vibration through when used.

Amber has been used for years as a teeth necklace for infants, however recently government bodies have warned of the necklaces being choking hazards.  So please always take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of your child.

Amber is a fantastic stone to use and have in your mix of crystals kit. I love working with it as it is an organic stone and assists to it brings through that balance of your inorganic and organic stones.  I love working with Amber as it is so light and energetic and really helps you to feel uplifted in a gentle soothing way.  Affirmation: With the sun in my belly I radiate warmth and vibrant energy to all around me.

Question: What crystals make you feel warm and energetic?

Fake Amber – the best Amber is Amber from the Baltic.  There are a lot of fake Amber available on the market today or Copal (younger softer tree resin) being sold as Amber, please make sure you only buy from a trusted dealer and try to avoid buying from Asian countries over the internet, remember if it seems like a bargain it is most likely a fake.

Chakra – Solar Plexus – can be used with all Chakras

Amber is a Liquid Crystals Stone and represents ‘Laughter’

Amber Physical Healing – Brings vitality, absorbs pain, allowing the body to heal itself. Treats kidney, spleen, bladder and liver and stomach, Laryngitis, and goitre.

Amber Applications suggested uses

    • Worn or carried around as a comforter stone and should be worn for long periods of time.
    • Teething Necklace for an infant is best if worn by the mother first in order to hold her loving energy.  For a time during pregnancy is the best in order to help bond and make the baby feel more secure when alone.
    • Make a happiness Mojo Bag in order to bring joy into your life during a difficult time.  Combines well with SunstoneGolden Rutilated Quartz and Carnelian for this purpose.
    • This stone is great as a gift to a pregnant person so that they can have a healthy happy pregnancy.   Try combining with Chrysocolla,  MoonstoneUnakite, and Rose Quartz.
    • As a good luck talisman make a Mojo Bag with CelestiteJade and Clear Quartz.
    • Placed on the body or appropriate Chakra for healing
    • Baltic Amber can also be ground and used in Chinese Medicine – please consult a qualified Chinese Practitioner for more information.
    • Baltic Amber is also used in some skincare products.


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