Crystal Grids

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Crystal Grid Information

Crystal Grids are placing your crystals into a formation or pattern which is usually based on sacred geometric shapes with the intent of achieving a specific purpose.

One of the easier grids, to begin with, is a ‘star of David’ (please see photo below).  You start by clearly writing out your intention for the purpose of the grid. Copy this out three times one for the grid to place under the centre/focus stone, carry one around with you and place one in a highly used area so that it can be seen often.

You then build your grid of crystals/stone/relevant objects, once completed you run a Clear Quartz Point or wand along/around the crystals to form a circuit of energy while holding the intention of the grid in your mind.  Please make sure you follow the energy to the way the points face (if using Points) as this creates a stronger circuit – all points used either face clockwise or anti-clockwise.

It is always important to hold your intent while doing this. 

You can also use other objects (not just crystals) in the grid, anything that has a connection to the intent for you.  Some people also use natures cycles (mainly the moon) to increase the desired energy.  For example, if it was abundance work you would start the Waxing Moon and complete it when it is full or keep growing the stones as the cycles pass. 

There really is no right or wrong when creating a grid, however, the most important thing is holding the intention as you harness the energy of the crystals to focus your desire.

Crystal Grids are a very big subject so I will be doing more videos on them – so stay tuned!

Sacred Geometrics ‘Star of David’ Formation Crystal Formation Grid Pattern
Star of David Crystal flow pattern for activating the Grid