Worry Stones

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Worry Stones

Uses for Worry Stones Palm Stones

Worry Stones which are also known as Palm Stones and Thumb Stones are smoothed and polished crystals/gemstones that will usually have a smooth rounded thumb-sized indentation on one side.  This indentation is used by rubbing your thumb over it gently in order to receive a relaxing feeling and relief from stress and anxiety.

Worry Stones are used in order to relieve stress or anxiety.  They are caved with a purposeful indentation that you can smoothly run your thumb over in order to ease or smooth any stress.  This is also a very useful design for people who are textiles and think better when touching an object.  so it can easily be used in the same way in order to assist with organizing thoughts and thinking through ideas.  They are a very useful tool and a handy way to use a stone/crystal. 

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