Rainbows Formation

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A Rainbow can be seen within the crystal if there is a break or fracture inside the crystal itself.  This break or fracture causes a rainbow effect which you can see while looking into the crystal at certain angles, this is due to the prismatic effect from fracturing the light passing through the crystal.  When you find a Rainbow within a crystal the crystal is an amplifier and adds additional energy to the crystal and the vibration of the stone.

Just looking into a Quartz point with a Rainbow formation in it will bring joy into your life as it is a reminder of the light at the end of the tunnel and that the sun always comes out after the storm.  It allows you to see different sides of life and look at it from a new perspective.  It is a very joyful stone to work with.

Rainbows are wonderful to meditate on due to their complexity and beauty, and they will awake a deeper awareness of Universal Love.  They are also great when you need to remove any unwanted vibrations or energies from around or within you, which allows you to heal and feel more balanced.  Due to the spectrum of colours found in a Rainbow, it is believed that they are also able to help you connect with your higher self and higher vibrational beings.

Rainbow Formation
Rainbow Formation


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