Faden Formation

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What is a Faden Quartz Formation?

A Faden Quartz is a flat or compressed Clear Quartz Point that over time and pressure has been broken and then has healed leaving a straight line/lines through the piece.  When this happens in a normal Clear Quartz Point it is called a ‘Self Heal/Self Healer’ what makes a Faden different is that they must be a Tublurar or flattened formation.

You can easily recognize a Faden Quartz by the thread-like line running through the piece, this will usually be perpendicular to the line of growth, Faden lines are only found in Tabular (flat) Quartz and will commonly have a notch on the side.

A Faden Quartz has all of the Metaphysical Healing Properties of Clear Quartz combined with all of the added formation properties of a Faden.

If you are at a point in your life that you are feeling ‘broken’ or in need of some mending in any area of your life, Faden’s will have a very strong draw for you.  This will happen when you are ready to move towards a better or ‘mended’ life.  What you need to remember when going through this phase in your life is that you will come out stronger, you have been under the pressure to end up feeling broken and now moving forward you will mend/heal and feel stronger for the lessons learnt along the way.

A Faden Quartz is very easy to program and will retain its programming very strongly.  It is always a good idea to cleans these crystals fully when you first receive them so that you have a clean plate to program the intent you desire into them.  Fadens are a wonderful healing crystal and work particularly well in assisting to mend broken bones, torn ligaments, and loss or severing of body parts.  Faden Quartz helps to form a bridge of connections between the parts of the body both physically and energetically that need healing and allows the healing energy to follow to the needed area.  On an etheric level, a Faden will assist when one is feeling weak or ill as it helps to fill in any holes or gaps within the aura.  When mending Auras some good stones to combine with Fadens are Black Kyanite and Selenite.  Always remember to move up and through your Aura when cleansing or repairing.

Faden crystals will work in the same way when assisting with any relationship issues, as they help you to see the reasons behind the issues, and by understanding these issues they allow you to see more clearly the path forward.  The thread running through these crystals is a link to the etheric cord connecting you and your partner and is seen to enhance better communication between the parties.

Faden Quartz Applications suggested uses:

  • Meditate with in order to deepen your meditative state and form a bridge to the unknown.
  • Create your own Mojo Bag when you are feeling ‘broken’ and in need of mending both physically and mentally.  Combines well with Lepidolite, Blue Kyanite, Prehnite and Shungite for this purpose.
  • Mediate with in order to become more attune and communicate with the higher realms and earth energies.  Combine with Charoite or Seraphinite for higher being connection. 
  • Use to help activated psychic abilities
  • Rub the notch on the edge (found on most Faden) to provide greater information for the holder and to assists to access and download Akashic Record information.


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