Crystal Skulls

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Crystal skulls are Crystal or Stone that has been shaped or carved into the form of a skull.  These skulls come in many different shapes ranging from, the human form, to a more stylized shape, as well as a range that has been shaped on extra-terrestrial beings, these are known as ET Skulls.

Crystal Skulls are very common in the free-standing form as well as being found as pendants.  Each Crystal Skull crafted will be empowered by the properties of the stone it is cut from.  So each Skull will have its own individual healing properties depending on the stone it is carved from.

Ancient culture held the belief that by carving crystal into the shape of a human skull you could magnify the healing power and increase the human consciousness on all levels.    It is claimed the ancient crystal skulls emit psychic energy, have auras and some are said to even have sound…..  It is believed by many that the ancient skulls are linked to the Mayan creation mythology that refers to 13 skulls that were created and then scattered by the Mayans thousands of years ago in order to be reunited in modern times.

Ways to use Crystal Skulls

  • Crystal skulls can be used in grids for all purposes.  They work particularly well as the centre point sitting on top of a handwritten intention for the grid.
  • Gazing into the skull and meditating with it, this has been said to be used for divination purposes as well as standard meditation
  • Worn or carried in the aura for the healing properties and connection to guides and downloading information.

I get asked this question on a regular basis – are Crystal Skulls Evil and here is my response – enjoy 🙂



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