Crystal Formations

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What is Crystal Healing and how does a Crystals specific formation assist us when using them?

Crystal Healing is the art of using stone/crystals and their specific vibration in order to balance, heal, or cleanse your body’s energy fields and the flow of your energy pathways.  The energy areas that are most commonly worked on when using crystals in healings are: Auras, Chakras and Meridian points.  You can also place your stone directly on the affected area and allow it to work on that  specific point.

Some of the different ways you can place/work with stones are:

  • Holding or wearing a crystal.
  • Grids of crystals in order to enhance and focus their affect.
  • Create an energy field around the person by placing different crystals around them.
  • Place them directly on the body (commonly but not exclusively over chakra points).
  • Meditate with them by either placing them on you, holding them or gazing into them.
  • Having them around your home, car or work place for their specific vibrational effect.
  • Elixir made from soaking the Crystal in water and then drinking it – please note this can not be done with all Stones/Crystals due to their composition so please make sure your chosen Crystal can be placed in water.

The ways listed here are the most common, however you are not restricted to using them solely you can experiment with what works for you, be creative and come up with some combos that work.  One of the most important things when working with Crystals is to remember to trust and follow your intuition, if you are told to use a certain crystal in a certain way or it just ‘feels’ right then follow that even if it is different from what you have read/learnt about!

Crystals are gifts that come directly from natural/the divine source.  Each one is a miracle as they take a lot of time and requires specific natural conditions deep within the earth in order to be formed.  Every crystal has a specific composition and gives off a unique vibration, this vibration is what gives them the ability to assist us on all levels of our being when using them for healing.

A Crystal can be used for it’s specific vibrational properties, but if we go one step further we can amplify the effects by taking a closer look at the formations of the crystals and what they do to assist us when used in healings or just having the around.

Here we are going to be looking at all of the different formation that can enhance the way a Crystal works.  Keep in mind what your specific intent is from the crystal, this will give you an idea on what to look for when purchasing one.

A lot of the time if you have a great need in your life for something a specific Crystal with ‘call’ to you or you will feel drawn to it, this is a common and natural thing.  I hear from a lot of people and I have had many times in my life that I just felt the ‘need ‘ to have a specific Crystal around me and I have always greatly benefited from it.

This is an every growing area so please check back regularly to see what has been added 🙂


Singing Quartz


Worry Stones

Channel Face

Crystal Skulls

Double Terminated Quartz


Faden Formation

Fairy (Spirit) Quartz

Hag Stone

Herkimer Diamonds


Isis Crystal

Golden Healer (Quartz)

Growth Crater


Manifestation Crystals

Palm Stone

Phantom Crystals

Tuning Fork

Rainbows Formation

Record Keeper

Seer Stones