Crystal Essence How to Make

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If creating your own you must always be aware if you can infuse the stones/crystals directly into water or if you must place them in a smaller glass jar inside the water so that no minerals from certain stones touch the water only their energy – stones like Sulphur, Malachite, Vanandalite, and or Selenite due to how soft it is should be treated this way.

By using crystals in an essence spray you do not diminish the quality or vibration of the crystals used. Essence sprays are a great way to combine different vibrations to create a more powerful combination. You can make them yourself at home the only thing that is a limitation is owning the combination of specific crystals some can be expensive and rare.

Ingredients needed:

  • Distilled water
  • Glass jar with lid
  • 2nd smaller Glass Jar with a watertight lid (if using soluble or toxic stones), sterilized on the outside
  • Sterilizing solution
  • Sterilized tongs
  • Sterilized spray bottle
  • Vodka, Brady or cider vinegar (preserving liquid)
  • Intention paper and affirmation
  • Relevant Crystals and stones
  • A bed of selenite to cleanse crystals energetically

How to make a Crystal Essence.

  1. Work out what your intent for the crystal essence is.
  2. Work out the crystals you wish to put into the essence.  Some people will use a pendulum and dowser them in order to see if they will be compatible together.
  3. Work out the moon cycle you wish to activate your crystals under. Waning moon for protection, the waxing moon for abundance, etc.
  4. Place crystals/stones into a glass jar sitting on a bed of Selenite in order to energetically cleanse them.  This is a must-do step as crystals hold energy and must be cleansed for a minimum of 3 hours in order to obtain a pure essence. If you don’t have Selenite other energetic cleansing methods can be used.
  5. Sort crystals into standard, soluble, and toxic.
  6. Sterilize the glass jar and lid, and standard crystals (not toxic and water-soluble ones). Boiling water will work for the glass jar and lid, however, I will usually use a baby sterilizing liquid on the crystals as some crystals will crack under the heat of boiling water.  This is very important particularly if you are sure your crystals are nontoxic and you wish to create an ingestible elixir as well as for preservation reasons.
  7. Now place the standard crystals into the bottom of the sterilized jar with sterilized tongs.  If you have any toxic or water-soluble stones place them into the smaller jar and close the lid, now place it into the bigger jar.
  8. Write/type out your intent and stick it around the jar.  This will help the energy of the jar’s contents as well as tell you what your mother essence is down the track.
  9. Put the jar aside in a safe place and wait for the relevant moon cycle.
  10. On your selected day pour distilled water over the crystals and the second bottle if you have one.  Close the lid.
  11. Your crystals are now ready to go out under the relevant moon to be activated.  Find a safe place for your jar and leave it out overnight.  If selenite is part of the crystal selection, I will sit the jar on a bed of it overnight as it activates.
  12. Next morning, remove all the crystals with sterilized tongs from the jar. This enhanced water is now a 1/3 of your mother essence.
  13. Add 2/3 of Vodka, Brandy, or cider vinegar (preserving liquid).
  14. You now have a Mother Crystal Essence.  You can use this in many ways.  7 drops are all that is needed from this solution.  You can add it to the water or any drinkable liquid and consume it (if safe), or add it to the bath water or most cosmetic creams and hair products.
  15. Creating a smaller spray – you now get your sterilized spray bottle and add 2/3 preserving liquid and 1/3 distilled water and 7 drops from the Mother Essence to the spray. 
  16. You can also add essential oils to this to add the desired fragrance.  Experiment with how many drops depending on the size of the bottle and the intensity of the scent you desire.  I prefer organic for this.  Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients.  Label the spray bottle with intent.
  17. Spray into your aura as needed.  I find a couple of sprays are all it takes one above the head and a second at the chest.

Enjoy and remember if you are not sure of the safely of the crystals/stones or are adding essential oils DO NOT consume.