Blue Apatite Rings

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Apatite is an amazingly gentle stone that will allow you to manifest abundance into your life.  It helps to increase energy levels particularly when they are drained due to emotional exhaustion and to make you more motivated to achieve things.  It helps to dissipate and clear away any negative feelings or emotions you are holding such as anger, apathy, and sorrow.  By clearing these blockages and increasing energy levels Apatite helps you to dispel confusion in any situation and ease the tension that this has created in your life.   It helps to clear away any blockages or patterns you are bolding that are detrimental to you and allows you to be open to new learnings in all areas.  It is a very spiritual stone that helps to enhance your intuition and increase your psychic ability.Apatite has a light sparkly energy that uplifts the way you feel and motivates you to get going and achieve all you need and desire in life  Affirmation:  I am an open book, absorbing information on all levels in order to manifest my perfect life.

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All of my 925 sterling silver Jewelry is handmade by my Jeweler.  I pick or source the stones to be used, we work on the designs and they are made up.  All of my Jeweler will have an open back so that there is nothing between you and the energy of the stone.