Besednice & Paryz Moldavite

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Besednice & Paryz Moldavite

Besednice Moldavite is the rarest and most collectable form of Moldavite found. They are known for the hedgehog or spiky formation shape and only comes from one area in the Czech Republic the Besednice fields mine which was closed years ago. Since the closure of the mine, some areas have been sold off and so a very small amount of Besednice Moldavite occasionally comes onto the market however they are very quickly snapped up and end up in collections due to the rarity of these amazing formations.

Paryz Moldavite is also a rare form of Moldavite that is known for its ‘hedgehog’ or spiky formation. It is the region next to where Besednice Moldavite comes from and is considered very collectable.

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I have been fortunate enough to obtain a number of small pieces which are now up on sale.  These are rare and hard to come by. 

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