Azurite (Chessylite)

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  • Alternate names: Chessylite
  • Crystal System: Monoclinic
  • Location: USA, Mexico, Australia, Namibia, the Congo, Morocco on a commercial scale and various other locations around the world on a prospector’s scale.
  • Mineral Class: Prismatic
  • Moh Hardness: 3.5 – 4
  • Colour: Azure Blue – a very dark deep blue in the better quality to a pale light blue in lower grades
  • Rarity: Rare seem in rough crystal formation or suns mainly
  • Birthstone: Nil

History/Mythology: Azurite is a Copper carbonate mineral which is what gives it its vivid blue colour.  It has been used since antiques as a dye even though it fades losing its colour over time from heat and light exposure.  Azurite is also known as Chessylite due to the outstanding specimens that came out of Chessy in France.  It is often found in the same location/deposits as Malachite.

Azurite is a stone that allows you to open and increase follow of your Third Eye.  By opening and clearing your Third Eye it gives you a great connection to your intuition as well as higher vibrational beings.  It assists you to be in tune with different dimensions and increase contact.  Azurite is a wonderful healing stone that will work through you on both a spiritual, physical and emotional level in order to release or clear away any blockages that you are holding that are preventing you from progressing forward.  When working through its secondary Chakra it will clear blockages so that you are a more affective communicator. 

Chakra – Primary Chakra Third Eye and secondary is the Throat Chakra

Healing – Assists with any throat and thyroid issues.  It assists to clear away any physical blockages including joint calcification and arthritis and assists the body to detox.   This will assist with any organ that benefits from the clearing including bones, teeth, liver and skin.


  • DO NOT use Azurite in Essences due to the high level of copper.
    • Meditated with in open your Third Eye and increase your connection with higher beings.
    • Carried or worn particularly when focusing on detoxifying the body.
    • Healings can be done with Azurite placed over the affected area.
    • Used in grids to help open the Third Eye to increase connection with higher beings.

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