Atlantisite Stichtite

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Atlantisite (Stichtite)

  • Alternative Names: Atlanitisite, Stichtite
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Hardness Mohs: 1.5 to 2
  • Location: Tasmania, Australia and South Africa
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Mineral Class: Carbonates
  • Colour: Green with Pink/Purple spots areas
  • Forms:  natural, tumbled, cut/carved and in Jewelry
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Numerological Number: 5
  • Element: Wind
  • Affirmation: I am a being full of compassionate love and understanding for those around me and myself.

Atlantisite Stichtite Mythology Information: Atlantasite was first discovered in Tasmania Australia in 1910 by mine owner Robert Carl Sticht. It is a combination of Stichtite and Serpentine. The original crystal that was called Stichtite was the pinkish-purple crystals and it was often found within the green crystal Serpentine. It has recently received the new popular name for the combination of the two stones, Atlantasite however most people in Tasmania find this name offensive and will not refer to it as such.

Atlantisite Stichtite Metaphysical Healing Properties:  Atlantisite is a very peaceful stone that encourages you to be more compassionate both to yourself and to those around you. It is a forgiving stone that allows you to come together and understand that you are part of a greater whole. This is particularly good within the family or work environment and helps to encourage a more peaceful situation. It works through the Heart Chakra and allows all people to be open, loving, and compassionate to each other.

Atlantisite helps to clear any blockages you are holding particularly within the Heart Chakra allowing you to better understand what your deepest hearts desires are. Its very peaceful energy helps you to be more at ease when there is turmoil around you. Assisting you to clear your thinking so that you can move forward and make decisions without being overwhelmed by emotional turmoil. Once those decisions have been made it allows you to be OK with them, move on, and at peace.

Atlantisite has a very earthy feel that has a full and strong connection to nature and all the wonders that surround you. It allows you to be open to communication and connecting to ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and information in the Akashic Records. Affirmation: I am a being full of compassionate love and understanding for those around me and myself.

Question: Do you have compassion for those around you?

Chakra – Heart Chakra

Atlantisite Physical Healing: Dental pain and mouth issues, Headache, and Migraine relief. ADD/ADHD and any attention disorders, blood pressure and Hernia issues.

Suggested ways to use Atlantisite Stichtite:

  • Using Atlantisite as the ‘speakers stone’ when issues are trying to be resolved within a group dynamics.
  • Meditating with Atlantisite in order to clear the Heart Chakra and increase kundalini energy.
  • Use a stone in order to access and download information from ancient civilizations like Atlantis and including from the Akashic Records.
  • Meditate or use in gridwork to access higher information Like or higher self the akashic records. Combines well with LepidolitePhantom Quartz  and Moldavite 
  • Wearing or carrying a piece of Atlantisite with you for its calming peaceful vibration.
  • Using Atlantisite in gridwork to assist with chosen Intent.
  • Giving each member of the family a piece of Atlantisite to carry around to help instil peace within the family.
  • Creating a piece Mojo Bag for a person with any attention deficit disorder. Combines well with Selenite, Apatite and Lepidolite for this purpose.

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