Agni Manitite

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Agni Manitite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Agni Manitite like its ancient Sanscrit meaning is a soft and gentle stone that assists to ignite a fire in your belly. Working primarily through your Solar Plexus it allows you to embrace who you are and what makes you uniquely ‘you’ calmly with joy and passion. By stimulating your Solar Plexus it allows you to be more attuned to your ‘gut’ feelings and become better able to follow your intuition at the most basic level.

Agni Manitite is a great manifestation stone as it allows you to better understand your needs and wants and have the courage, self-confidence and energy to move towards achieving them. It is a stone of ignition and assists to light a fire in your life anywhere that you need it – work, relationship, spiritual growth, goals and passions and fills your being with the wants and desires to achieve anything.

It is a very grounding and protective stone that encases you in a bubble of protection. In addition, this assists you in moving forward allowing you to become all you need to be while also feeling safe. Agni Manitite is a great stone to use if you want to raise or work on your Kundalini energy. Affirmation: With fire in my belly I can achieve anything I desire.

Question: When was the last time you took the time to do what you wanted to do?

Physical Healing: Digestion and stomach issues, depression, stress and anxiety.

Application Suggested ways to use:

  • Is a great stone to carry around or have with you when you want to reignite a passion in any area of your life. Stones that combine well for passion are  CarnelianGarnetRuby and or Red Tigers Eye.
  • Amazing as the centrepiece of a grid particularly in order to work on either Manifestation or abundance.  Abundance combine with AmazoniteJade and Citrine and protection combine with MoldaviteDarwin Glass and Smoky Quartz.
  • Pop a piece into any Mojo Bag in order to bring through protection and self-confidence.
  • Can be used in all meditations and energy work particularly when wanting to deepen your intuition. Stones that combine well for this purpose are AstrophylliteNuummiteMystic Merlinite and Lodolite.
  • A great stone to place into the centre or as part of a crystal grid in order to work on your self confidence and manifest the thing you want into your life.
  • Can be used in all meditation or work to assist with raising the Kundalini Energies. Combine with AmmoniteBlack JetAtlantisite and Red Jasper.

Mythology History: Agni Manitite is a newly discovered glass tektite from a remote island in the Indonesian Archipelago. It is a rare and hard to obtain stone as most of the pieces are difficult to get to as they are located under the ocean. The name comes from the ancient Sanscrit term and means ‘Pear of the Divine Fire’. This stone is also said to have a strong spiritual connection to Krishna, Sirius and Kundalini energy. There is some speculation as to whether or not this stone was formed due to a meteorite impact that made a natural glass or a volcanic eruption.

Crystal Information

  • Alternative Names:  Pearl of Fire, Teardrops from the Moon
  • Crystal System: Amorphous, Meteoroid 
  • Location found: Small Island in the Indonesia Archipelago
  • Chakra – Primarily Solar Plexus but works through all the lower Chakras
  • Hardness Mohs: 5.5 to 7
  • Formation: Glass Meteorite, Tertiary
  • Mineral Class: Oxide
  • Colour: Dark Green-Black
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Forms:  Natural formations, slices, and Jewelry
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign:  Aires, Cancer and Gemini
  • Numerological Number: 3 and 9
  • Element: Storm and Earth
  • Affirmation: With fire in my belly I can achieve anything I desire.

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