5 Top Psychic Attach Protection Crystals Stone

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Unfortunately getting sent negative energy is becoming more and more common in outgrowing spiritual society. Some know what they are doing willing and some people don’t even realize what the effect their negative thoughts have on other people. With more awareness hopefully, this will change in the future. Please enjoy my count down of the most useful and reasonably accessible Psychic Protection Stones.

Top Stones for Psychic and Empathetic Protection Crystals (not 5 – I keep adding as I find useful ones!):

  • Black Tourmaline is a great Psychic protection stone due to its crystalline structure and this is true for all Tourmaline varieties however for Psychic Protection Black Tourmaline is the most effective. The Crystalline structure of Tourmaline helps to create a field around your electromagnetic body or Aura to assist in repelling negative influences that are directed at you.
  • Jet is an organic stone that will absorb and dissipate negative energy as it is being directed at you through emphatic or Psychic Attacks. You must remember to regularly clean Jet when it is used for this purpose to keep it at its most effective.
  • Selenite helps to keep the other stones are it clean and stops them from getting bogged down with too much bad energy. It also has protection and healing qualities particularly when used in the Aura.
  • Black Obsidian has been shaped throughout history from the earliest times as a protective weapon and is still used as such from an energetic point of view.  By having Black Obsidian in your Aura as it works like a shield or mirror and reflects back all of the negative energies being directed at you.
  • Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass used in combination is my all-time highly recommended Psychic Protection tools and should be used and worn by anyone feeling attacked or bombarded by negative energies.  This combination is the very best in protection as due to the forming process negative energies have trouble penetrating the barrier that it created.  If this is not affordable to you any Tektite or Meteorites will assist.
  • Tigers Eye has grounding and protection in it but also brings through the feel-good self-confidence, which when we are under attack always helps to get us through and make us feel better!
  • Labradorite is a great stone to shield you against Psychic Attacks whether it be intentionally done by people with ill intent or your people fixating on you and what is happening to them as well as from psychic vampires that draw energy from all those around them.  Labradorite helps you to put up a shield or armor to block all the listed negative influences.
  • Hematite is also a wonderfully protective stone as it can create a shield around you that will direct back the negative energies while at the same time keeping your feet on the ground and helping you feel protected and stable.

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